Deepwater Technologies

Custom business software on a personal scale
<strong>Custom</strong> business software<br />on a <strong>personal</strong> scale

Custom business software
on a personal scale

Hi. I'm Dan. I'm a husband, a dad, a cyclist, a skier and I am Deepwater Technologies.

About me

Before starting my company, I worked in enterprise IT consulting for 15 years. In that time, I preformed pretty much every role required to deliver custom applications at many large and Fortune 500 companies. Those experiences helped me solidify what it is I enjoy doing, specifically designing, building, testing and deploying custom business software. More importantly, I like working directly with the people using the software. It’s truly gratifying to see someone’s workday improved by something you built. That is why I started Deepwater Technologies with the simple goal; build custom software that helps businesses focus on what they do best.

What I do

My focus is building custom full stack (web, server, database, api, external interfaces) solutions to meet business needs. I’ve built solutions on many platforms but I specialize in the Microsoft ecosystem, including Azure cloud hosting. With my background in enterprise solutions I build systems that take into account not only where a business is today, but where it wants to be in the future. My focus is on data driven applications that are web-based, cross-platform mobile or run on the desktop. If you need to take in data, process transactions, execute workflows and report, I can simplify the process for you. My full-service approach helps you identity and prioritize features, scope and plan releases that meet your needs/budget and deploy and monitor your site.

Examples of Customer Solutions

Large-scale web-based payroll and tax application for in-home care employers. Includes specific functions for customers, business owners, renders to multiple devices and interfaces with multiple external system.

Cross-platform native and web mobile application to support field service personnel. Enables personnel to collect data on-site via phone and sync with a web application for business owners. Interfaces with billing and municipality systems to submit reports and billing.

Educator class registration and transcript tracking web application. Maintains a course catalog, supports registration and communications and tracks attendance and transcript reporting for certifications.

Don’t just take my word for it…