Mobile app

Category: mobile, web, web submission automation, simple scheduling

Most people don’t even know they have a backflow device let alone that it must be tested every year. The process involves having a local tester test the device, fill out a paper form, then submit the form one-by-one scanning each sheet and emailing it to the local water purveyor. The paperwork can take as long as the tests!

I built a mobile/web application to automate this process from beginning to end. Now when a customer calls, the tester can collect their information either on their computer or phone (if out on the job) and schedule an appointment on the spot. At the beginning of each day, the application generates a schedule and automatically sets the tester’s driving route for maximum efficiency. Once at a job, test data can be entered directly into the phone validating the data as they go as well as eliminating an additional step once they get back to the office. Upon returning to the office, the application either automatically generates and sends the necessary paperwork via email or logs into the purveyor’s website filling out the pages and submitting the results. When all is complete, the application sends each customer a copy of their results via email and the tests are automatically pushed to a billing system for invoicing. Over the span of three years, this application enabled the owner to cut his time per test IN HALF enabling him to schedule more jobs per day and double his business.


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